The interior designers work covers all kinds of work, from minimalist up to antiquities, the mixture of trends.

Carmen Ruiz studied interior design at IADE University, and consolidated her formation in Milan.

After she finished her studies, she opened her own studio & showroom, named Carmen Ruiz, today positioned as one of the best studies of interior design of Madrid, in Serrano 219.Since 1987 the business has been evolving and adapting to the needs of the client.

Her work hasalways been based on her designs of furniture, using all kind of materials.

That is how her designs are always updated, and following the trends of the market.

After 27 years of career, Carmen Ruiz, has shown her work in the best designer's exhibitions of the country, like "Casa Décor" and "Casa Pasarela", and she continues on the top and surprises us with new ideas and projects, issuing us with a fresh image.